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The Procol Harum Sat-Nav Site

Let Procol Harum guide you along ... Some Long Road ...

The rumours have been around for some time, and yes, they are true. Procol Harum have indeed been recording, and finally the results are ready: the Procol Harum Sat-Nav GPS navigation voices ... which goes a long way to explain the title of the band's new download-only live album.

If music does not load automatically as you read this page, click to hear this brief mp3 sample.

What could be more pleasing, than to have the voices of your favourite musicians guide your way along ... Some Long Road ... wherever you go as you scale the globe? The voice-set is available for most popular satellite navigation systems.

Procol Harum have tediously recorded all the necessary individual sound-files needed to guide you to your destination of choice. Simply select your navigation system (below) and click on the link provided. This will send an order message to the PH-Sat-Net administration team. You will receive a prompt confirmation e-mail do look in your your spam/junk folder containing the link that will allow you to download the appropriate file for your navigation system.

Remember to state your name and the country where you live, and you will receive the properly-configured file for your unit and your region of the world (USA, Europe, Oceania, Africa or Asia).

Don't have a navigation system? No worries, you can still listen to a sample of the sound file (no Procol collection is complete without it) by selecting the 'No GPS' option below.

Act now! As a promotional agreement between Procol Harum, 'Beyond the Pale' and, for a limited time you can download the PH Sat-Nav installation files without charge!

Select your system from the list below, and click to send in your (free) e-mail order.

I have a Nokia mobile with GPS
I have an Android mobile with GPS
I have an Apple IOS device with GPS
I have a Garmin GPS unit I have a Tom Tom GPS unit I have no GPS unit, but I would like to hear the sample clip.

All music and voices by Procol Harum, No Exit composed and performed by Josh Phillips (c) April 2014
Other music by Trower/Reid and Brooker/Reid. Drum demos devised and performed by Geoff Dunn; sponsored by Mike Rosner from BabyZeen

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